It’s How We Work

Qurate Retail Group is proud to announce our new way of working: Qurating Connections! The work we do matters and is an important part of our individual life stories. That’s why we’re combining the many benefits of work flexibility with the energy, communication and collaboration that happen when our teams come together in person. We are a passionate, people-first organization, and we want our team members to work “from happy” and experience the vibrant, connected culture we’re known for. It’s how we work!

Qurating Connections features three different connection types, each rich and important for both our team members’ experience and our business.

Quarterly Connectors

These team members will work mostly offsite with an expectation of connecting once a quarter. Their connections will be a combination of in-person and virtual gatherings that may include personal/team development, team offsite meetings, social events and other learning and development experiences.

Qurated Connectors

Most of our office-based team members will be Qurated Connectors. These team members will work both at home and onsite, coming into their primary office location at least 3-5 days per month to collaborate with the people they work most closely with. During those onsite days, our team members will experience the joy of connecting and catching up with colleagues while attending in-person meetings. Our team members are intentional about the time they spend onsite – they aren’t going to the office to sit on video calls, they are going to interact with their colleagues!

Consistent Connectors

These essential teams in our studios, fulfillment centers and retail stores are the lifeblood of our company. They work on location together to entertain and serve our beloved customers, and we strive to make the experience great for them every single day.

We created Qurating Connections so team members can work from their most productive place – and we’ve built a work model that reflects our unique culture and team member experience and our broader human desire for connection. We’re building a better way of working one step at a time, and we invite you to join us!